Commit 2b81fbdc authored by Carlos Mastalli's avatar Carlos Mastalli
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[loader] Adapted path to run internal CI as Guilhem suggested

parent 039e41e3
......@@ -8,8 +8,9 @@ from pinocchio.robot_wrapper import RobotWrapper
def getModelPath(subpath, printmsg=False):
base = '../../../share/example-robot-data'
for path in [dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__file__)))),
dirname(dirname(dirname(__file__)))] + [join(p, base.strip('/')) for p in sys.path]:
main_dir = dirname(dirname(dirname(__file__)))
for path in [join(dirname(main_dir), 'robots'), join(main_dir, 'robots')
] + [join(p, base.strip('/')) for p in sys.path]:
if exists(join(path, subpath.strip('/'))):
if printmsg:
print("using %s as modelPath" % path)
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