Verified Commit 3b5e181f authored by Justin Carpentier's avatar Justin Carpentier
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core: specify the alignement of data for Eigen::Ref

parent 0cd5f101
......@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ namespace eigenpy
assert(pyArray_Type == NumpyEquivalentType<Scalar>::type_code);
typename MapNumpy<MatType,Scalar,NumpyMapStride>::EigenMap numpyMap = MapNumpy<MatType,Scalar,NumpyMapStride>::map(pyArray);
typename MapNumpy<MatType,Scalar,Options,NumpyMapStride>::EigenMap numpyMap = MapNumpy<MatType,Scalar,Options,NumpyMapStride>::map(pyArray);
RefType mat_ref(numpyMap);
new (raw_ptr) StorageType(mat_ref,pyArray);
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