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Merge pull request #233 from jcarpent/devel

Fix quaternion static Identity constructor 
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......@@ -234,8 +234,9 @@ namespace eigenpy
"Returns the quaternion which transforms a into b through a rotation.",
"Returns a quaternion representing an identity rotation.")
"Returns a quaternion representing an identity rotation.",
......@@ -254,6 +255,12 @@ namespace eigenpy
static Quaternion & assign(Quaternion & self, const OtherQuat & quat)
{ return self = quat; }
static Quaternion* Identity()
Quaternion* q(new Quaternion); q->setIdentity();
return q;
static Quaternion* FromTwoVectors(const Vector3& u, const Vector3& v)
Quaternion* q(new Quaternion); q->setFromTwoVectors(u,v);
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