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[Geometry] Make Quaternion with newest versions of Eigen

parent 86156dcb
......@@ -71,16 +71,16 @@ namespace eigenpy
"The [] operator numbers them differently, 0...4 for *x* *y* *z* *w*!"))
(Scalar (Quaternion::*)()const)&Quaternion::x,
&QuaternionVisitor::setCoeff<0>,"The x coefficient.")
(Scalar (Quaternion::*)()const)&Quaternion::y,
&QuaternionVisitor::setCoeff<1>,"The y coefficient.")
(Scalar (Quaternion::*)()const)&Quaternion::z,
&QuaternionVisitor::setCoeff<2>,"The z coefficient.")
(Scalar (Quaternion::*)()const)&Quaternion::w,
&QuaternionVisitor::setCoeff<3>,"The w coefficient.")
// .def("isApprox",(bool (Quaternion::*)(const Quaternion &))&Quaternion::template isApprox<Quaternion>,
......@@ -151,6 +151,9 @@ namespace eigenpy
template<int i>
static void setCoeff(Quaternion & self, Scalar value) { self.coeffs()[i] = value; }
template<int i>
static Scalar getCoeff(Quaternion & self) { return self.coeffs()[i]; }
static Quaternion & setFromTwoVectors(Quaternion & self, const Vector3 & a, const Vector3 & b)
{ return self.setFromTwoVectors(a,b); }
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