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[doc] Add patch on doc/sphinx to update 1.4 and removed 1.8

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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
# serve to show the default.
import sys, os
from sphinx import version_info as sphinx_version
# If extensions (or modules to document with autodoc) are in another directory,
# add these directories to sys.path here. If the directory is relative to the
......@@ -23,7 +24,8 @@ sys.path = [os.path.abspath('@CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/src')]+sys.path
# Add any Sphinx extension module names here, as strings. They can be extensions
# coming with Sphinx (named 'sphinx.ext.*') or your custom ones.
extensions = ['sphinx.ext.autodoc', 'sphinx.ext.doctest', 'sphinx.ext.intersphinx', 'sphinx.ext.todo', 'sphinx.ext.pngmath']
extensions = ['sphinx.ext.autodoc', 'sphinx.ext.doctest', 'sphinx.ext.intersphinx', 'sphinx.ext.todo']
extensions.append('sphinx.ext.pngmath' if sphinx_version < (1, 4) else 'sphinx.ext.imgmath')
# Add any paths that contain templates here, relative to this directory.
templates_path = ['_templates']
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