Commit 969c0154 authored by Pierre Fernbach's avatar Pierre Fernbach
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add python API to set reference end effector position

parent a92673d6
......@@ -106,6 +106,10 @@ module hpp
void setReferenceConfig(in floatSeq referenceConfig)
raises (Error);
/// set a reference position of the end effector for the given ROM
void setReferenceEndEffector(in string romName, in floatSeq ref)
raises (Error);
/// Set Rom constraints for the configuration shooter
/// a configuration will only be valid if all roms indicated
/// are colliding with the environment.
......@@ -95,3 +95,11 @@ class Builder (Robot):
# \param filename name of the output file where to save the output
def exportPath (self, viewer, problem, pathId, stepsize, filename):
em.exportPath(viewer, self.client.robot, problem, pathId, stepsize, filename)
## set a reference position of the end effector for the given ROM
# This reference will be used in the heuristic that choose the "best" contact surface
# and approximate the contact points in the kinodynamic planner
# \param romName the name of the rom
# \param ref the 3D reference position of the end effector, expressed in the root frame
def setReferenceEndEffector(self,romName,ref):
return self.clientRbprm.rbprm.setReferenceEndEffector(romName,ref)
......@@ -633,6 +633,17 @@ namespace hpp {
void RbprmBuilder::setReferenceEndEffector(const char* romName, const hpp::floatSeq &ref) throw(hpp::Error){
std::string name (romName);
hpp::pinocchio::RbPrmDevicePtr_t device = boost::dynamic_pointer_cast<hpp::pinocchio::RbPrmDevice>(problemSolver()->robot ());
throw Error ("No rbprmDevice in problemSolver");
if(device->robotRoms_.find(name) == device->robotRoms_.end())
throw Error("Device do not contain this rom ");
Configuration_t config(dofArrayToConfig (3, ref));
void RbprmBuilder::setFilter(const hpp::Names_t& roms) throw (hpp::Error)
......@@ -196,7 +196,7 @@ namespace hpp {
void setStaticStability(const bool staticStability) throw (hpp::Error);
void setReferenceConfig(const hpp::floatSeq &referenceConfig) throw (hpp::Error);
void setReferenceEndEffector(const char* romName, const hpp::floatSeq &ref) throw(hpp::Error);
virtual void setFilter(const hpp::Names_t& roms) throw (hpp::Error);
virtual void setAffordanceFilter(const char* romName, const hpp::Names_t& affordances) throw (hpp::Error);
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