Commit 2f57a4e4 authored by Florent Lamiraux's avatar Florent Lamiraux
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Fix bug in capsule support function.

  - do not assume that input vector dir is normalized.
parent 5e0e43f5
......@@ -579,11 +579,12 @@ static void supportCap(const void* obj, const ccd_vec3_t* dir_, ccd_vec3_t* v)
ccdVec3Set(&pos2, CCD_ZERO, CCD_ZERO, -o->height);
ccdVec3Copy(v, &dir);
ccdVec3Normalize (v);
ccdVec3Scale(v, o->radius);
ccdVec3Add(&pos1, v);
ccdVec3Add(&pos2, v);
if(ccdVec3Dot(&dir, &pos1) > ccdVec3Dot(&dir, &pos2))
if(ccdVec3Z (&dir) > 0)
ccdVec3Copy(v, &pos1);
ccdVec3Copy(v, &pos2);
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