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Add LPF models + WORLD frame contacts

Sébastien Kleff requested to merge skleff_lpf into main

Integrate skleff1994/crocoddyl:devel into Sobec

  • stateLPF : augmented state with joint torques, i.e. y = (q, v, tau) + unittests
  • IntegratedActionModelLPF : discrete dynamics with low-pass filter on torques + unittests + bindings
  • ContactModel1D & ContactModel3D + ContactModelMultiple enabling WORLD aligned computations + unittests + bindings
  • ResidualModelContactForce compatible with WORLD computations + bindings
  • DifferentialActionModelContactFwdDyn compatible with WORLD computations + bindings + unittests
  • increased unittest factory to allow new classes testing


  • DAMContact.quasiStatic test fails under 1D contact with floating base state
  • Euler integration's inaccuracy in IntegratedActionModelLPF.calcDiff is suspiciously high (it fails in some floating base examples for dt>1e-5)

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