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Added the action model for impulse forward dynamics + various improvements

Carlos Mastalli requested to merge cmastall/crocoddyl:topic/action-impulse into devel

This PR tackles issue #242 (closed). However, it improved the library in many terms, e.g.

  • Refactored the way of sharing memory with cost sum. Now it can be used for both differential action and action models.
  • Removed qcur and vcur in differential action models. These variables are not needed by using properly Eigen.
  • Introduced the concept of autonomous systems (nu = 0), note that impulse dynamics are autonomous systems.
  • Changed notation of variables in contact and impulse models. It's compatible with impulses and easier to understand.
  • Added function to update forces, accelerations (or next velocity) and their derivatives for using later in cost functions. This is ongoing work.

These functions is a partial works that handles #96 (closed).

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