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Added the DAM for contact forward dynamics + quadruped example working

In this PR it's mainly developed a novel contact forward dynamics DAM. Additionally, it includes plenty of other tasks:

  • Added NoProxy paramenter for binding std containers.
  • CostModelSum is not a derived class of CostModelAbstract
  • ContactModelMultiple is not a derived class of ContactModelAbstract
  • Proper custodian ward for all references in the constructors (Python bindings)
  • Fixed an error in the floating-base actuation
  • Fixed an error in StateMultibody::Jdiff
  • Added plenty of nice asserts for debuggers
  • Fixed error in the construction of Python-binds of CostModelStum
  • Added raisedIfNaN in SolverDDP
  • Improved the algorithm efficient of SolverDDP: do not compute derivatives if the step lenght fails
  • Added Python code for GV display + its callback function.
  • Added a WIP example of quadruped

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