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Save computation time in DDP and FDDP solvers + fixed bug in DDP

This is a list of changes in this PR:

  1. Stored the V_{xx} at the rollout state (not the guess one) in the SolverFDDP.
  2. Changed the gap definition in SolverFDDP to make it compatible with PDF.
  3. Allocated onces the following data: xs, us, xs_try, us_try and gaps. This was done for all solvers.
  4. Created a computeGains function inside SolverFDDP which allows us to use SolverBoxDDP with SolverFDDP.
  5. Fixed a bug in the SolverDDP, wrong computation of Q_x and Q_u. With this, I have to change few log files (see 63155a6a for more details).
  6. Little improvement in the documentation of SolverDDP and SolverFDDP.
Edited by Carlos Mastalli

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