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    Add Windows support and CI (#177) · c62e6643
    Justin Carpentier authored
    * cmake: sync submodule
    * ci: add Windows CI via Conda
    * readme: update contributors
    * ci: set events
    * ci: set assimp_PREFIX
    * ci: move conda-env to a dedicated directory
    * cmake: use Findassimp from the official repository
    * cmake: fix variable name
    * all: fix KEYWORD position in function signatures
    * cmake: add missing file in include list
    * core: additional fixes
    * core: fix missing HPP_FCL_DLLAPI
    * core: remove useless HPP_FCL_DLLAPI
    * core: forward declaration of template specialization
    * core: add missing include
    * core: fix guard
    * core: template specialization
    * cmake: fix link to Python for the wrapper
    * ci: octomap is not well exported for Windows
    * cmake: fix linkage
    * core: add missing include
    * cmake: fix assimp search
    * test: fix math constant
    * core: remove keyword for full templated classes
    * cmake: sync submodule
    * ci: remove useless line
    * core: remove useless keyword
    * cor...