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## Preparation
Print the tags provided in [apriltags.pdf](apriltags.pdf) and put a tag on each
Thymio with the corresponding color. The activity is meant to be used with VPL,
or the automated start won't work.
## Register the teams
The first window opened is to register the teams before starting the activity,
each team needs to put its name and scan the tag on its Thymio. Then you can
choose an activity and the time of the activity, and press the start button to show
the scoreboard.
## Scoreboard
The scoreboard window has a timer, an event history, and a webcam highlighting
detected tags in real time.
To start the scoreboard and all Thymios at the same
time, you first need to press the blue start button to allow the teams to join the
automated start.
At this point, all teams have to click on the **Join activity** button which will
first ask them to save their work. Then VPL should display a message saying that
the program is waiting for the activity to start.
When all the teams have this message, you can start running all Thymios at the same
time by pressing the green start button.
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