Unverified Commit 904be199 authored by ValentinaTibs's avatar ValentinaTibs Committed by GitHub
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#731 Fix icon resizing in VPL

Co-authored-by: default avatarValentina <tibaldo@di.uniroma1.it>
parent dcee94b6
......@@ -1070,6 +1070,11 @@ namespace ThymioVPL {
qreal testScale(computeScale(event, desiredIconSize));
desiredIconSize = qMin(desiredIconSize, int(256. * testScale));
desiredIconSize = qMin(desiredIconSize, event->size().height() / 14);
// setting a min width (and height) while resizing the buttons in the editor toolbox
int min_width = 20;
desiredIconSize = qMax(desiredIconSize, min_width);
const qreal scale(computeScale(event, desiredIconSize));
// set toolbar
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