Commit 6147f231 authored by Hugo Lefevre's avatar Hugo Lefevre
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Exported necessay signals as ros topics for odometry

parent ad9e5cd1
......@@ -357,6 +357,10 @@ def init_online_walking(robot):
create_topic(robot.publisher,, 'rightfootref', robot=robot,data_type='matrixHomo')
create_topic( robot.publisher, robot.wp, 'footRight', robot=robot,data_type='matrixHomo')
create_topic(robot.publisher, robot.e2q, 'quaternion', robot=robot,data_type='vector')
create_topic(robot.publisher, robot.base_estimator, 'v', robot=robot,data_type='vector')
## --- TRACER
robot.tracer = TracerRealTime("com_tracer")
robot.tracer.setBufferSize(80 * (2**20))
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