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Merge pull request #25 from nim65s/master

add missing import
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# flake8: noqa
from math import sqrt
from rospkg import RosPack
import dynamic_graph.sot_talos_balance.talos.base_estimator_conf as base_estimator_conf
import dynamic_graph.sot_talos_balance.talos.control_manager_conf as cm_conf
import dynamic_graph.sot_talos_balance.talos.ft_calibration_conf as ft_conf
......@@ -15,9 +17,9 @@ from dynamic_graph.sot.core.sot import SOT
from dynamic_graph.sot.core.task import Task
from dynamic_graph.sot.dynamic_pinocchio import DynamicPinocchio
from dynamic_graph.sot.pattern_generator import PatternGenerator
from dynamic_graph.sot_talos_balance.boolean_identity import BooleanIdentity
from dynamic_graph.sot_talos_balance.create_entities_utils import *
from dynamic_graph.tracer_real_time import TracerRealTime
from rospkg import RosPack
def init_online_walking(robot):
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