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Release 1.1

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This package was written by and with the assistance of
* François Bleibel FIXME
* François Bleibel
* François Keith
* Nicolas Mansard FIXME
* Thomas Moulardd
-*- outline -*-
New in version 1.1 - 2010/09/30
Created package sot-core.
Added source files for library sot-core taken from sot.
Renamed exceptions, signals and debug to conform to new naming convention.
Renamed factory files
Renamed math and matrix files. Added files forgotten in last commit.
Renaming of sot and tasks (renaming complete).
Begin renamind classes and putting them into namespace sot.
Put everything in namespace sot (global objects included). Corrected some resulting bugs.
Some bug fixes.
Changed order of compilation of some .cpp files to prevent mysterious Segmentation Fault(s) from appearing.
Added forgotten cpp files.
Added forgotten file test_signal.cpp
Only generate documentation if GENERATE_DOC is ON.
Removed test test_shell which was already included in dynamic graph.
Finished renaming of SOT objects.
More refactoring. Removed undertermination between sot::Pool and dynamicgraph::Pool in pool.cpp. Added cmake configure for import-default-paths.
Added LAPACK library dependencies in FORTRAN. Adjusted for a change in singletons names from dynamicgraph.
Added plugins compilation and installation to CMakeFiles. Started separating plugins from sot-core.
Corrected installation path and name of plugins. Some minor bugfixes.
Added tools/ directory for... tools. Some corrections in the unit testing facility.
Added tools in sot-core
Added forgotten test file test_dep.cpp
Added forgotten test file test_depend.cpp
Added forgotten test file test_ptr.cpp
Removed "using dynamicgraph" directives in headers, implemented resulting changes.
Added two unit tests, removed a tool
Added new test test_factory
Corrected an error in test_factory
Changed all instances of 'dependancy' to 'dependency'
Corrected typo in op-point-modifier.
Corrected typo in gain-adaptative and related names.
Added plugin "Reader" to read files generated by "Tracer".
Corrected a bug that stemmed from the renaming of GainAdaptive (thanks unit testing!) Added unit tests for filesystem and tracing.
Task-related unit tests and corrections.
Modified CMakeLists.txt to remove multiple definitions and include dirs.
Added 3 tools. Some minor corrections (such as correctly exporting classes in plugins)
Added uninstall.
Added three tools.
Added MotionPeriod, NeckLimitation and PeriodicCallEntity plugins.
Added plugins and exceptions.
Added forgotten file.
Got some tools out of the main library and into plugins, as they should have been.
Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
Added some necessary comments in Cmakelists
Revert "clamp must use the API of sot-core"
Revert "com-freezer must use the API of sot-core"
Revert "Distant-shell must use the API of sot-core"
Revert "Gripper-control must use the API of sot-core"
Revert "joint-limitator must use the API of sot-core"
Revert "kalman must use the API of sot-core"
Added three tests for tools and renamed one.
Removed wrong include in CMakeLists.
Made boost_thread inclusion optional and dependent on HAVE_LIBBOOST_THREAD
Added control entities to sot-core.
Added boost thread library. Added pthread library and compilation & link flags. Corrected multiple small bugs. Added CMakeModules for pthread and boost numeric bindings. Corrected some tests.
Made sure pthreads were included. Simplified the unit test test_mailbox that previously *required user input*.
Modified pthread linking following compilation error with boost::thread.
Added pthread *compilation* flag; for UNIX.
Added pthread definition on UNIX.
Removed redundant definition -pthread
Settled down the case of mailbox.
Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
Removed distant shell (now in dg-middleware)
Renamed sotVectorRotation
Ported commit 53ef45d27b77 from StackOfTasks.
Revert "Ported commit 53ef45d27b77 from StackOfTasks."
sotFeatureTask depends on sotTask, not sotAbstractTask
Changed import-default-paths configuration to generate the file in source include directory *then* install.
Added gfortran as a link library.
Added gfortran CMake linking.
- Removed last occurences of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX - Updated documentation pictures
Added documentation to sot-core
Added doxytag reference to dynamic-graph.
Removed VP_DEBUG references.
Corrected opening of trace files.
Namespace missing.
Namespace missing.
Changed MatrixRotation in signal cast.
Removed debug trace initiator which caused a segfault.
Added helper entity "MatrixRotToMatrix" to convert types where the dynamic type verification system fails.
- Added new test test_ptrcast to try (and fail) to reproduce signal casting issue in simulation - Added 2 new entities, HomoToRotation/Twist2 whose output is a ('standard') ml::Matrix
Re-added deleted overload of Matrixhomo::extract
Re-added accidentally deleted entity.
Removed all references to new entities.
Made exceptions derive from std::exception
Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
Contiifstream must use the API of sot-API
Memory-task must use the API of sot-API
Correct typo in macro name
Correct typo in macro name
Rotation-simple must use the API of sot-core
Correct typo in macro name
SHI must use the API of sot-core
Correct typo in macro name
Correct the inclusion and use of utils-windows.h
Remove a header generated by cmake from git repository
Win32: add definitions that disable verbose warnings
The boost library 'system' is also required
In this specific case, link_directories is only for UNIX
Add dependencies between plugins
Inter-plugins dependency: set the compilation order
Win32: correct the linkage
Win32: Correct link flags for unittesting
These commands are unix specific
The dependency in tracer is OS specific
Add a gitignore file.
Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
clamp must use the API of sot-core
com-freezer must use the API of sot-core
Distant-shell must use the API of sot-core
Gripper-control must use the API of sot-core
joint-limitator must use the API of sot-core
kalman must use the API of sot-core
Remove warning (fabsf -> fabs)
Remove warnings (during conversion unsigned -> bool)
Correct the declaration of operator <<
Correct the inclusion of utils-windows.h
Correct the inclusion of utils-windows.h
Correct inclusions for win32
Clean the unitTesting/CMakeLists
Win32: the command link_directories has a wrong behaviour
Settle the case of Mailbox
Correct macro name
Still fighting with mailbox
Split the declaration and the imnplementation in mailbox
More tests for test_mailbox
Add missing CXX flags for the unit tests.
There is no reason to define mailvect in the template file
Clean the code
Fix Mailbox once and for all
Win32: LoadLibrary loads *dynamic* libraries.
Fix dependancy to dependency
Remove obsolete file.
Rewrite AUTHORS file.
Uniformize NEWS file.
Enhance README using Markdown syntax.
Add license file.
Add mailmap file.
Add license header.
Debianize package.
Clean documentation CMakeLists.txt
Update version number to
Fix dependency version number in Debian package.
Disable test and enable doc while building debian package.
Fix documentation generation.
Fix debian rules file.
Fix debian package.
Packages libraries in Debian package.
Extend description of Debian package.
Add missing build dependencies.
New in X.Y, XXXX-YY-ZZ:
* Initial release.
Supports Markdown
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