Unverified Commit 792c33e5 authored by Thomas PEYRUCAIN's avatar Thomas PEYRUCAIN Committed by GitHub
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Update signal-cast-registerer.cpp

Resolve the unused-but-set-variable warning from res value to have a stable release in ros buildfarm
parent 6bd87be7
......@@ -139,15 +139,6 @@ BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE(standard_double_registerer) {
BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE(custom_vector_registerer) {
dynamicgraph::Signal<dynamicgraph::Vector, int> myVectorSignal("vector");
/// Create a second local vector registerer to generate an exception.
bool res = false;
try {
EigenCastRegisterer_V myVectorCast2;
} catch (const ExceptionSignal &aes) {
res = (aes.getCode() == ExceptionSignal::GENERIC);
BOOST_CHECK(res); // Uncomment this line to resolve the unused-but-set-variable warning to have a stable release in ros buildfarm
// Print the signal name.
output_test_stream output;
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