Commit e635a690 authored by Paul Rouanet's avatar Paul Rouanet
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Add argv and motors parameters

parent c421d99b
......@@ -22,6 +22,14 @@
<param name="example_param_hw_start_duration_sec">2.0</param>
<param name="example_param_hw_stop_duration_sec">3.0</param>
<param name="example_param_hw_slowdown">${slowdown}</param>
<param name="argv">enp3s0</param>
<param name="motor_numbers">"0 3 2 1 5 4"</param>
<param name="motor_reversed_polarities">"true false true true false false"</param>
<param name="motor_constants">0.025</param>
<param name="gear_ratios">9.</param>
<param name="max_currents">12.</param>
<param name="max_joint_velocities">80.</param>
<param name="safety_damping">0.5</param>
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