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# ros2_control_bolt
Author : Paul Rouanet
### What it is
A personal version of odri_control_interface demos adapt to Bolt ==> /test/.
And an adaptation of Olivier Stasse's codes : rrbot_system_quadruped.hpp and .cpp in rrbot_system_bolt.hpp and .cpp (in /include/ and /src/).
system_bolt_multi_interface has not been modified by Paul Rouanet
### In system_bolt :
Inclusion of all odri_control_interface header needed to use Bolt.
Use of the namespace ros2_control_bolt
Define of a structure used for IMU : GyroAccLineEulerQuater (must be optimized (x,y,z))
Functions :
- Definition of init_robot: This function use ODRI methods to initialize the robot :
- Call Ethernet output
- Define main_board_ptr_ as theMasterboard with the Ethernet name
- Define all the joints_ with properties
- Define the IMU
- Finally define the robot_ with those 3 elements
- calibration() : use to calibrate the robot. Currently called in start function. **Maybe a bug to fix line 532 : robot_->RunCalibration(calib_ctrl); {namespace ?}
- start() : Start the robot, set some default values to 0, do the calibration, read sensors data
- stop() : stop the Masterboard, so stop the robot
- read() : sed all the sensors data to the computer
- write() : allow the user to send commands to all actuators
### Tests :
The compilation with ```colcon build --packages-select ros2_hardware_interface_bolt``` is ok, but no way to test the good behaviour of those 5 new functions.
What has been done :
colcon build --packages-select ros2_hardware_interface_bolt
source ./install/setup.bash
ros2 launch ros2_control_bolt_bringup
Bugs did not allow us to do test.
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