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# ros2_control_bolt
Author : Paul Rouanet
### What it is
A description of physical properties of Bolt collected from ODRI (robot_properties).
The meshes of each actuators and of the body are in "meshes".
### In ros2_control :
system_bolt.ros2_control.xacro :
Definition of all data usefull for system_bolt.cpp (ros2_hardware_interface_bolt) :
- Ethernet connexion name
- Each joint with :
- Name
- Min and max values about position, velcity, effort, gain_kp and gain_kd
- State values for the same data
- Properties of each joint : offset, number, polarity ...
- The IMU with :
- x, y, z values of gyroscope, accelerometer, linear_acceleration, attitude_euler
- x, y, z, and w values of quaternion
### In urdf
leg.xacro : all URDF data about legs
system_bolt.urdf.xacro : global doc that calls leg.xacro
system_bolt_description.urdf.xacro : this doc calls ALL the others
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