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docs: Link to instructions from landing pages

Link to usage instructions from the main README file and from
docs/ so that the usage is visible from the root documentation

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......@@ -19,6 +19,13 @@ mcuboot works with both the Apache Mynewt, and Zephyr operating systems, but
more ports are planned in the future. RIOT is currently supported as a boot
target with a complete port planned.
## Using MCUboot
Instructions for different operating systems can be found here:
- [Zephyr](docs/
- [Mynewt](docs/
- [RIOT](docs/
## Roadmap
The issues being planned and worked on are tracked on Jira. To participate
......@@ -19,7 +19,10 @@ target with a complete port planned.
- [Release notes]({% link %})
- [design]({% link %}): for the design
- [imgtool]({% link %}): The image signing and key management
- Usage instructions:
- [Zephyr]({% link %})
- [Mynewt]({% link %})
- [RIOT]({% link %})
- [Patch submission]({% link %}) for information
on how to contribute to mcuboot.
- Testing
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