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    zephyr: remove deprecated DT_CHOSEN_ZEPHYR_FLASH_CONTROLLER_LABEL · aa041a28
    Gerard Marull-Paretas authored
    DT_CHOSEN_ZEPHYR_FLASH_CONTROLLER_LABEL is going to be deprecated, so
    remove its usages from the Zephyr port. Definition checks have been
    replaced with DT_HAS_CHOSEN(zephyr_flash_controller), and the macro
    itself has been replaced by
    DT_LABEL(DT_CHOSEN(zephyr_flash_controller)). Note that the code could
    likely be refactored to make use of compile time device references, ie
    use DEVICE_DT_GET, but that task has been left for the maintainers.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGerard Marull-Paretas <gerard@teslabs.com>