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[example] Fixed script in the notebook folder

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......@@ -18,9 +18,10 @@ robot.viewer.gui.refresh()
# Create the cost functions
state = crocoddyl.StateMultibody(robot.model)
goalTrackingCost = crocoddyl.CostModelFrameTranslation(state, robot_model.getFrameId("gripper_left_joint"), target)
xRegCost = crocoddyl.CostModelState(state)
uRegCost = crocoddyl.CostModelControl(state)
goalResidual = crocoddyl.ResidualModelFrameTranslation(state, robot_model.getFrameId("gripper_left_joint"), target)
goalTrackingCost = crocoddyl.CostModelResidual(state, goalResidual)
xRegCost = crocoddyl.CostModelResidual(state, crocoddyl.ResidualModelState(state))
uRegCost = crocoddyl.CostModelResidual(state, crocoddyl.ResidualModelControl(state))
# Create cost model per each action model
runningCostModel = crocoddyl.CostModelSum(state)
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