Commit 81928e08 authored by Lucas Laplanche's avatar Lucas Laplanche
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parent 1254ccf7
......@@ -47,7 +47,10 @@ def reflectivity_eam_vcsel_clad_heatmap():
def structure_for_matlab(vcsel_only=True, bypass_dbr=False, wavelength=850e-9):
sl = st.structure_eam_vcsel(vcsel_only=vcsel_only, bypass_dbr=bypass_dbr)
l_eam_clad = 15e-9
l_vcsel_clad = 15e-9
sl = st.structure_eam_vcsel(bypass_dbr=bypass_dbr, vcsel_only=vcsel_only, grading_type='none', mqw_alloy_type='none',
l_eam_clad=l_eam_clad, l_vcsel_clad=l_vcsel_clad)
sl = op.algaas_super_lattice_refractive_index(sl, 0., wavelength)
lz = sl['thickness'].to_numpy(dtype=float)
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