Commit 443d3db3 authored by Lucas Laplanche's avatar Lucas Laplanche
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ajout calcul reflectivité(profondeur)

parent d0baef47
......@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ def reflectivity(sl,
# calculate reflectivity using transfer matrix method
wavelength = np.linspace(start_wavelength, stop_wavelength, num=n_points)
r = np.zeros(len(wavelength))
......@@ -66,7 +67,10 @@ def reflectivity(sl,
return r
def reflectivity_depth(sl, wavelength=670e-9, step=5e-9):
def reflectivity_depth(sl, wavelength=670e-9, step=0.5e-9):
# calculate the reflectivity as a function of depth
# like an in-situ measurement of reflectivity while etching
# will plot reflectivity and al content as a function of depth
num = int(sl['thickness'].sum() / step)
r = np.zeros(num)
al = np.zeros(num)
......@@ -75,8 +79,11 @@ def reflectivity_depth(sl, wavelength=670e-9, step=5e-9):
sl = op.algaas_super_lattice_refractive_index(sl, 0., wavelength, lengyel=False, only_real=True)
for i in tqdm(range(num)):
# etch the super lattice
sl_etched = pt.etch_super_lattice_from_top(sl, step*i)
al[i] = sl_etched.iloc[0]['al']
#get the al content of the first layer of the super lattice ([0] is air)
al[i] = sl_etched.iloc[1]['al']
n = sl_etched['refractive_index'].to_numpy(dtype=float)
d = sl_etched['thickness'].to_numpy(dtype=float)
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