Commit b7e65f9e authored by Pierre Fernbach's avatar Pierre Fernbach
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update to changes in rbprm-corba rbprmBuilder

parent f4fe401b
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ from hpp.corbaserver.rbprm.rbprmbuilder import Builder as Parent
class Robot(Parent):
# Information to retrieve urdf and srdf files.
name = "talos_trunk"
rootJointType = 'freeflyer'
packageName = 'talos-rbprm'
meshPackageName = 'talos-rbprm'
......@@ -35,12 +36,9 @@ class Robot(Parent):
ref_EE_rArm = [0.13028765672452458, -0.44360498616312666, -0.2881211563246389]
def __init__(self, name=None, load=True, client=None, clientRbprm=None):
Parent.__init__(self, load, clientRbprm)
if load:
self.loadModel(self.urdfName, self.urdfNameRom, self.rootJointType, self.meshPackageName, self.packageName,
self.urdfSuffix, self.srdfSuffix, client=client)
if name is not None: = name
Parent.__init__(self,, self.rootJointType, load, client, None, clientRbprm)
if 'talos_lleg_rom' in self.urdfNameRom:
self.setReferenceEndEffector('talos_lleg_rom', self.ref_EE_lLeg)
if 'talos_rleg_rom' in self.urdfNameRom:
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