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Merge pull request #12 from pFernbach/devel

Add bounds on leg_5_joints that match the security of the controller
parents ee12d104 99ec288d
......@@ -404,6 +404,11 @@ class Robot(Parent):
self.urdfSuffix, self.srdfSuffix, client)
if name is not None:
self.name = name
# Even though the bound in the urdf is greater than this values,
# the controller do not tolerate values outside of this bounds
self.setJointBounds('leg_left_5_joint', [-1.26, 0.768])
self.setJointBounds('leg_right_5_joint', [-1.26, 0.768])
# Save urdf values for the bounds that may be modified
self.joint1L_bounds_prev = self.getJointBounds('leg_left_1_joint')
self.joint6L_bounds_prev = self.getJointBounds('leg_left_6_joint')
self.joint2L_bounds_prev = self.getJointBounds('leg_left_2_joint')
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