Commit e7be1446 authored by Pierre Fernbach's avatar Pierre Fernbach
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update default gait

parent c662bcc6
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ class Robot (Parent):
minDist = 0.15 # Minimal height of the CoM wrt to the contact height
# Data used by mlp
limbs_names = [rArmId,rLegId,lArmId,lLegId] # List of effector used to create contact
limbs_names = [rArmId, lArmId, lLegId, rLegId] # List of effector used to create contact
dict_limb_rootJoint = {rLegId:rleg, lLegId:lleg, rArmId:rarm, lArmId:larm}
dict_limb_joint = {rLegId:rfoot, lLegId:lfoot, rArmId:rhand, lArmId:lhand}
dict_limb_color_traj = {rfoot:[0,1,0,1], lfoot:[1,0,0,1],rhand:[0,0,1,1],lhand:[0.9,0.5,0,1]}
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ class Robot (Parent):
MLhand_display = MLhand_offset.copy()
dict_display_offset = {rfoot:MRsole_display, lfoot:MLsole_display, rhand:MRhand_display, lhand:MLhand_display}
kneeIds = {"LF":9,"LH":12,"RF":15,"HR":18}
kneeIds = {"FL":9,"HL":12,"FR":15,"HR":18}
def __init__(self, name=None, load=True, client=None, clientRbprm=None):
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