Commit 17dba099 authored by Joseph Mirabel's avatar Joseph Mirabel
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[CI] Update travis.

parent 8bf4076f
language: cpp language: cpp
sudo: required dist: bionic
dist: trusty os: linux
notifications: cache: ccache
branches: branches:
only: only:
- master - master
...@@ -12,6 +10,12 @@ compiler: ...@@ -12,6 +10,12 @@ compiler:
- gcc - gcc
before_install: before_install:
- git submodule update --init --recursive - git submodule update --init --recursive
- sudo apt-get update -qq addons:
- sudo apt-get install -qq doxygen doxygen-latex libboost-all-dev libtinyxml-dev apt:
update: true
- doxygen
- doxygen-latex
- libboost-all-dev
- libtinyxml-dev
script: ./.travis/build script: ./.travis/build
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