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[Python] update to change in loadFullBodyModel, init now load the robot if required

parent bcf587c8
......@@ -28,7 +28,8 @@ from numpy import array, matrix
# trunk of the robot, one for the range of motion
class FullBody(Robot):
# # Constructor
def __init__(self, load=True, clientRbprm=None):
def __init__(self, robotName = None, rootJointType = None, load = True, client = None, hppcorbaClient = None, clientRbprm=None):
Robot.__init__(self, robotName, rootJointType, False, client, hppcorbaClient)
self.tf_root = "base_link"
if clientRbprm == None:
self.clientRbprm = RbprmClient()
......@@ -36,27 +37,22 @@ class FullBody(Robot):
self.clientRbprm = clientRbprm
self.load = load
self.limbNames = []
if load:
self.loadFullBodyModel(robotName, rootJointType)
# # Virtual function to load the fullBody robot model.
# \param urdfName urdf description of the fullBody robot
# This method looks for the following class attribute in order to find the files to load:
# First it looks for urdfFilename and srdfFilename and use it if available
# Otherwise it looks for packageName, urdfName, urdfSuffix, srdfSuffix
# \param robotNamethe name of the robot
# \param rootJointType type of root joint among ("freeflyer", "planar",
# "anchor"), WARNING. Currently RB-PRM only considerds freeflyer roots
# \param meshPackageName name of the meshpackage from where the robot mesh will be loaded
# \param packageName name of the package from where the robot will be loaded
# \param urdfSuffix optional suffix for the urdf of the robot package
# \param srdfSuffix optional suffix for the srdf of the robot package
def loadFullBodyModel(self, urdfName, rootJointType, meshPackageName, packageName, urdfSuffix, srdfSuffix, client=None):
Robot.__init__(self, urdfName, rootJointType, False, client)
self.clientRbprm.rbprm.loadFullBodyRobot(urdfName, rootJointType, packageName, urdfName, urdfSuffix,
def loadFullBodyModel(self, robotName, rootJointType):
urdfFilename, srdfFilename = self.urdfSrdfFilenames () # inherited method from corbaserver.robot
print("selected problem: ",self.client.problem.getSelected("problem")[0])
self.clientRbprm.rbprm.loadFullBodyRobot(robotName, rootJointType,
urdfFilename, srdfFilename,
self.client.robot.meshPackageName = meshPackageName
self.meshPackageName = meshPackageName
self.packageName = packageName
self.urdfName = urdfName
self.urdfSuffix = urdfSuffix
self.srdfSuffix = srdfSuffix
self.octrees = {}
# Virtual function to load the fullBody robot model.
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