Commit 993c64c2 authored by Pierre Fernbach's avatar Pierre Fernbach
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[Scenario] init_viewer take optionnal argument min_area used by affordance

parent 3030735b
......@@ -113,7 +113,8 @@ class AbstractPathPlanner:
# sample only configuration with null velocity and acceleration :"ConfigurationShooter/sampleExtraDOF", False)
def init_viewer(self, env_name, env_package="hpp_environments", reduce_sizes=[0, 0, 0], visualize_affordances=[]):
def init_viewer(self, env_name, env_package="hpp_environments", reduce_sizes=[0, 0, 0], visualize_affordances=[],
min_area = None):
Build an instance of hpp-gepetto-viewer from the current problemSolver
:param env_name: name of the urdf describing the environment
......@@ -121,6 +122,7 @@ class AbstractPathPlanner:
:param reduce_sizes: Distance used to reduce the affordances plan toward the center of the plane
(in order to avoid putting contacts closes to the edges of the surface)
:param visualize_affordances: list of affordances type to visualize, default to none
:param min_area: list of couple [affordanceType, size]. If provided set the minimal area for each affordance
vf = ViewerFactory(
if self.context:
......@@ -130,11 +132,13 @@ class AbstractPathPlanner:
self.afftool = AffordanceTool()
self.afftool.setAffordanceConfig('Support', [0.5, 0.03, 0.00005])
if min_area is not None:
for (aff_type, min_size) in min_area:
self.afftool.setMinimumArea(aff_type, min_size)
self.afftool.loadObstacleModel("package://" + env_package + "/urdf/" + env_name + ".urdf",
self.v = vf.createViewer(ghost=True, displayArrows=True)
self.pp = PathPlayer(self.v)
for aff_type in visualize_affordances:
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