Commit ca8fecc2 authored by Joseph Mirabel's avatar Joseph Mirabel
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Fix Python bindings.

parent ec481154
...@@ -104,8 +104,14 @@ void exposeCollisionAPI () ...@@ -104,8 +104,14 @@ void exposeCollisionAPI ()
.DEF_RO_CLASS_ATTRIB (Contact, o2) .DEF_RO_CLASS_ATTRIB (Contact, o2)
.DEF_RW_CLASS_ATTRIB (Contact, b1) .DEF_RW_CLASS_ATTRIB (Contact, b1)
.DEF_RW_CLASS_ATTRIB (Contact, b2) .DEF_RW_CLASS_ATTRIB (Contact, b2)
.DEF_RW_CLASS_ATTRIB (Contact, normal) .add_property("normal",
.DEF_RW_CLASS_ATTRIB (Contact, pos) make_getter(&Contact::normal, return_value_policy<return_by_value>()),
make_setter(&Contact::normal, return_value_policy<return_by_value>()),
make_getter(&Contact::pos, return_value_policy<return_by_value>()),
make_setter(&Contact::pos, return_value_policy<return_by_value>()),
.DEF_RW_CLASS_ATTRIB (Contact, penetration_depth) .DEF_RW_CLASS_ATTRIB (Contact, penetration_depth)
.def (self == self) .def (self == self)
.def (self != self) .def (self != self)
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