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Add ROS-CI using GitHub Actions based on Industrial-CI (#222)

* Add ROS-CI using GitHub Actions based on Industrial-CI

* [CI] ROS-CI without upstream workspace

* package.xml: Update dependencies for Noetic

* package.xml: Python 3 dependencies
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# This config uses industrial_ci (https://github.com/ros-industrial/industrial_ci.git).
# For troubleshooting, see readme (https://github.com/ros-industrial/industrial_ci/blob/master/README.rst)
name: ROS-CI
# This determines when this workflow is run
on: [push, pull_request] # on all pushes and PRs
- {ROS_DISTRO: melodic}
- {ROS_DISTRO: noetic}
CCACHE_DIR: /github/home/.ccache # Enable ccache
BUILDER: catkin_tools
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- uses: actions/checkout@v2
submodules: recursive
# This step will fetch/store the directory used by ccache before/after the ci run
- uses: actions/cache@v2
path: ${{ env.CCACHE_DIR }}
key: ccache-${{ matrix.env.ROS_DISTRO }}-${{ matrix.env.ROS_REPO }}
# Run industrial_ci
- uses: 'ros-industrial/industrial_ci@master'
env: ${{ matrix.env }}
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package format="2">
<package format="3">
<description>An extension of the Flexible Collision Library.</description>
......@@ -7,18 +7,22 @@
Please check the repository URL for full list of authors and maintainers. -->
<maintainer email="jmirabel@laas.fr">Joseph Mirabel</maintainer>
<maintainer email="justin.carpentier@inria.fr">Justin Carpentier</maintainer>
<maintainer email="wolfgang.merkt@ed.ac.uk">Wolfgang Merkt</maintainer>
<maintainer email="opensource@wolfgangmerkt.com">Wolfgang Merkt</maintainer>
<url type="website">https://github.com/humanoid-path-planner/hpp-fcl</url>
<build_depend condition="$ROS_PYTHON_VERSION == 2">python-lxml</build_depend>
<build_depend condition="$ROS_PYTHON_VERSION == 3">python3-lxml</build_depend>
<doc_depend condition="$ROS_PYTHON_VERSION == 2">python-lxml</doc_depend>
<doc_depend condition="$ROS_PYTHON_VERSION == 3">python3-lxml</doc_depend>
<depend condition="$ROS_PYTHON_VERSION == 2">python</depend>
<depend condition="$ROS_PYTHON_VERSION == 2">python-numpy</depend>
<depend condition="$ROS_PYTHON_VERSION == 3">python3</depend>
<depend condition="$ROS_PYTHON_VERSION == 3">python3-numpy</depend>
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