1. 03 Jun, 2022 1 commit
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      fix: detect locked joint with more than 1 DOF · 3abd7b3a
      Le Quang Anh authored
      Bug in API `dependsOnRelPoseBetween` when there is a locked joint with
      more than 1 DOF. This happened due to a misunderstanding of
      Eigen::MatrixBlocks::nbRows() method, which actually returns total
      number of row indices, rather than the number of row index **intervals*.
      This has been fixed and unit test is modified to detect this kind of
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      Add tests for new APIs · 64005f0a
      Le Quang Anh authored
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      [API] Get joints in fn and joints constrained · ca39cf3e
      Le Quang Anh authored
      Get pair of joints involved in differentiable fn
      Get locked joint for explicit constraint
      Add method to retrieve a joint whose whole or partial configuration will
      decide the value of the implicit function in an explicit constraint.
      This is currently done by inspecting the set of configuration input and output
      intervals: if input has size 0 and output falls into interval of a joint,
      then the joint is "locked" its config alone will affect the fn value.
      Fix bug comparing joints from their pointers
      Fix: locked joint should be locked wrt parent joint
      Previous implementation misunderstands the locked joint, and assumes
      that locked joint is locked wrt the world joint. The correct
      understanding is that locked joints are locked wrt the parent joint,
      which may or may not be the world joint.
      Edit documentation based on comments
      Clearer documentation on how the method works and what the arguments are
      Add API check if all rows in constraint are active
      Add API to find joint pair constrained
      Return a pair of joints whose relative pose is fully constrained because
      of constraint.
      Clearer name for API to get joints involved
      Add API for convex shape contact complement and hold
      For now, it only works if the all convex shapes in floorConvexShapes_
      are on the same joint an all the convex shapes in objectConvexShapes_
      are on the same joint.
      Refactor APIs and fix minor bugs
  12. 09 Apr, 2022 1 commit
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      [CMake] publicize qpoases compile definition · 8257dc35
      Guilhem Saurel authored
      To fix use of `-DHPP_CONSTRAINTS_USE_QPOASES` in dependent project (eg.
      hpp-corbaserver) which depend on hpp-constraints through cmake exports
      and not .pc files.
      $ grep -r HPP_CONSTRAINTS_USE_QPOASES build
      build/config.log:_PKG_CONFIG_CFLAGS = -I${includedir} -DHPP_CONSTRAINTS_USE_QPOASES
      build/hpp-constraints.pc:Cflags:  -I${includedir} -DHPP_CONSTRAINTS_USE_QPOASES
      >$ grep -r HPP_CONSTRAINTS_USE_QPOASES build
      build/config.log:_PKG_CONFIG_CFLAGS = -I${includedir} -DHPP_CONSTRAINTS_USE_QPOASES
      build/CMakeFiles/Export/lib/cmake/hpp-constraints/hpp-constraintsTargets.cmake:  INTERFACE_COMPILE_DEFINITIONS "HPP_CONSTRAINTS_USE_QPOASES"
      build/hpp-constraints.pc:Cflags:  -I${includedir} -DHPP_CONSTRAINTS_USE_QPOASES
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