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fix: detect locked joint with more than 1 DOF

Bug in API `dependsOnRelPoseBetween` when there is a locked joint with
more than 1 DOF. This happened due to a misunderstanding of
Eigen::MatrixBlocks::nbRows() method, which actually returns total
number of row indices, rather than the number of row index **intervals*.
This has been fixed and unit test is modified to detect this kind of
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......@@ -304,7 +304,7 @@ ImplicitFunction::dependsOnRelPoseBetween(DeviceConstPtr_t robot) const {
// get the joints involved in the output config
JointConstPtr_t j1;
// check that output interval matches with the config range of one joint
if (outputConfIntervals_.nbRows() != 1) {
if (outputConfIntervals_.rows().size() != 1) {
return std::pair<JointConstPtr_t, JointConstPtr_t>(nullptr, nullptr);
segment_t row = outputConfIntervals_.rows()[0];
......@@ -437,21 +437,85 @@ BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE(equality) {
BOOST_CHECK(*functions[0] != *functions[1]); // only the names are equal
BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE(dependsOnRelPoseBetween) {
DevicePtr_t device = hpp::pinocchio::unittest::makeDevice(
JointPtr_t ee1 = device->getJointByName("lleg5_joint"),
ee2 = device->getJointByName("rleg5_joint");
/* Create a robot with the following kinematic chain. All joints are
translations along x.
/Px \Px
joint_a0 joint_b0
|Px |Px
joint_a1 joint_b1
DevicePtr_t createRobot ()
std::string urdf ("<robot name='test'>"
"<link name='base_link'/>"
"<link name='link_test_x'/>"
"<joint name='test_x' type='prismatic'>"
"<parent link='base_link'/>"
"<child link='link_test_x'/>"
"<limit effort='30' velocity='1.0' lower='-4' upper='4'/>"
"<link name='link_a0'/>"
"<link name='link_a1'/>"
"<joint name='joint_a0' type='prismatic'>"
"<parent link='link_test_x'/>"
"<child link='link_a0'/>"
"<limit effort='30' velocity='1.0' lower='-4' upper='4'/>"
"<joint name='joint_a1' type='prismatic'>"
"<parent link='link_a0'/>"
"<child link='link_a1'/>"
"<limit effort='30' velocity='1.0' lower='-4' upper='4'/>"
"<link name='link_b0'/>"
"<link name='link_b1'/>"
"<link name='link_b2'/>"
"<joint name='joint_b0' type='prismatic'>"
"<parent link='link_test_x'/>"
"<child link='link_b0'/>"
"<limit effort='30' velocity='1.0' lower='-4' upper='4'/>"
"<joint name='joint_b1' type='prismatic'>"
"<parent link='link_b0'/>"
"<child link='link_b1'/>"
"<limit effort='30' velocity='1.0' lower='-4' upper='4'/>"
"<joint name='joint_b2' type='floating'>"
"<parent link='link_b1'/>"
"<child link='link_b2'/>"
DevicePtr_t robot = Device::create ("test");
loadModelFromString (robot, 0, "", "anchor", urdf, "");
return robot;
BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE (dependsOnRelPoseBetween) {
DevicePtr_t device = createRobot();
JointPtr_t ee1 = device->getJointByName ("joint_a1"),
ee2 = device->getJointByName ("joint_b2");
// ensure that the joint indices are as expected
BOOST_REQUIRE(ee1->index() < ee2->index());
BasicConfigurationShooter cs(device);
BOOST_REQUIRE (ee1->index() < ee2->index());
Transform3f tf1(ee1->currentTransformation());
Transform3f tf2(ee2->currentTransformation());
device->currentConfiguration (device->neutralConfiguration());
device->computeForwardKinematics ();
Transform3f tf1 (ee1->currentTransformation ());
Transform3f tf2 (ee2->currentTransformation ());
DifferentiableFunctionPtr_t function;
std::pair<JointConstPtr_t, JointConstPtr_t> joints;
......@@ -577,30 +641,14 @@ BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE(dependsOnRelPoseBetween) {
BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL(jointsConstrained.second->index(), ee1->index());
/// test the locked joint constraint as well
constraint = LockedJoint::create(ee1, ee1->configurationSpace()->neutral());
JointIndex parentIndex = Joint::index(ee1->parentJoint());
JointIndex index1, index2;
// ensure that index1 <= index2
if (parentIndex <= ee1->index()) {
index1 = parentIndex;
index2 = ee1->index();
} else {
index1 = ee1->index();
index2 = parentIndex;
constraint = LockedJoint::create
(ee2, ee2->configurationSpace ()->neutral ());
std::cout << constraint->functionPtr()->name() << std::endl;
joints = constraint->functionPtr()->dependsOnRelPoseBetween(device);
if (index1 == 0) {
} else {
BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL(joints.first->index(), index1);
BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL(joints.second->index(), index2);
joints = constraint->functionPtr()->dependsOnRelPoseBetween (device);
BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL (joints.first->index(), ee2->parentJoint()->index());
BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL (joints.second->index(), ee2->index());
// constraint fully locks the joint
jointsConstrained = constraint->doesConstrainRelPoseBetween(device);
if (index1 == 0) {
} else {
BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL(jointsConstrained.second->index(), index2);
BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL (jointsConstrained.second->index(), ee2->index());
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