Commit 147d7aef authored by Florent Lamiraux's avatar Florent Lamiraux
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Do not specify comparison type when locking a joint.

parent f81bdeb9
......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ cg.createGrasp ('r_grasp', 'pr2/r_gripper', 'box/handle2', 'pr2')
cg.createPreGrasp ('l_pregrasp', 'pr2/l_gripper', 'box/handle')
cg.createPreGrasp ('r_pregrasp', 'pr2/r_gripper', 'box/handle2')
lockbox = ps.lockFreeFlyerJoint ('box/base_joint', 'box_lock', compType = 'Equality')
lockbox = ps.lockFreeFlyerJoint ('box/base_joint', 'box_lock')
locklhand = ['l_l_finger','l_r_finger'];
ps.createLockedJoint ('l_l_finger', 'pr2/l_gripper_l_finger_joint', [0.5])
......@@ -62,8 +62,7 @@ ps.addPassiveDofs ('hrp2', jointNames ['hrp2'])
graph.createGrasp ('l_grasp', 'hrp2/leftHand', 'screw_gun/handle2', 'hrp2')
graph.createPreGrasp ('l_pregrasp', 'hrp2/leftHand', 'screw_gun/handle2')
lockscrewgun = ps.lockFreeFlyerJoint ('screw_gun/base_joint', 'screwgun_lock',
compType = 'Equality')
lockscrewgun = ps.lockFreeFlyerJoint ('screw_gun/base_joint', 'screwgun_lock')
locklhand = ['larm_6','lhand_0','lhand_1','lhand_2','lhand_3','lhand_4']
ps.createLockedJoint ('larm_6' , 'hrp2/LARM_JOINT6' , [q_init[ilh],])
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