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const correctness, fix build on 18.04

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......@@ -621,12 +621,12 @@ namespace Eigen
inline Scalar& coeffRef(Index row, Index col)
inline Scalar& coeffRef(Index row, Index col) const
return MemoryBase::m_matrix.const_cast_derived().coeffRef(this->rowIndex(row), this->colIndex(col));
inline Scalar& coeffRef(Index index)
inline Scalar& coeffRef(Index index) const
return MemoryBase::m_matrix.const_cast_derived()
.coeffRef(ei_submatrix_index_helper<MatrixType, PermutationType>::index(this->rowIndex(index), this->colIndex(index)));
......@@ -830,4 +830,3 @@ namespace Eigen
} // namespace soth
#endif // __SOTH_SUB_MATRIX_H__
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