Commit 3e0ae00a authored by Aurelie Clodic's avatar Aurelie Clodic
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Update ChangeLog for release v2.9.0

parent 860b6e94
* Correct the exception catching
* Fixes issue #19 : Remove wrong commands of python metatask FeaturePosition
* Remove useless header.
* Added type and dimension case for reference vector
* Added possible posture ranges
* Merge pull request #20 from francesco-morsillo/master
* Correct documentation generation by adding sphinx.
* Correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH for test and remove hard-coded 'plugin'
* Synchronize.
* Correct doxygen installation.
* Correct sphinx documentation.
* Add trajectory.hh in the installation scheme.
* Add trajectory data structure.
* First workable version of trajectories.
* [cmake] Synchronize
* Taking into account Thomas comments
* Improved coding style.
* Merge pull request #21 from olivier-stasse/master
* Replace signals in/out by sin/sout to avoid python error.
* Correct documentation.
* [trajectory] Add waist signal + squash several commits.
* Fix bug in reading initial trajectory from command line + minor fixes.
* [tools] Add queue of trajectories in joint-trajectory-entity.
* [cmake] Remove debug message in src/CMakeLists.txt
* Update CMakeLists.txt
* Synchronize
* Update lib installation path (multiarch portability).
* Fix exportation of graph in a file
* Fix a bug in FeaturePoint6dRelative
* Add a command to clear features in Task class.
* Merge pull request #12 from francesco-morsillo/master
* Remove blank line at beggining of comment in command.
* class MetaTaskRelative added to library with goto functions redefinition
* Added tuple-matrix to generic6dReference conversion
* Fixed bug in last commit
* Added tuple-matrix to generic6dReference conversion
* Merge branch 'master' of
* second order integration added in device
* Working second order integration on device.cpp
* Control in acceleration mode added in Device
* Merge branch 'master' of git://
* Indentation adjustments
* dummy commit
* Changed command name from setNbDofs to setSize in sot.cpp
* Working control on robot but dirty
* Working 2nd_ord integration with command to set of velocity size
* Deleted command to set velocity size (automatically set by setState)
* Corrected commentary in
* Added explicit set of velocity in device.cpp
* [travis] Add Travis and support
* [travis] Fix push URL
* Update
* Remove unwanted files.
* [travis] Add push token
* Synchronize
* Rename test traces into test_traces.
* Fix test_traces dependencies
* Merge pull request #11 from pal-robotics/master
* Synchronize
* Remove useless code (copy-pasted and unreachable).
* Update Reader: add the python interface, remove the old one.
* Update GripperControl: add the python interface, remove the old one.
* Reintroduce WeightAdder.
* Correct the path to the plugin directory of dynamic-graph.
* Synchronize
* Do not import SE3, SO3 and R3 anymore
* Move to sot-tools.
* Add left multiplication by a float
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