Commit 8fae3fa4 authored by Pierre Fernbach's avatar Pierre Fernbach Committed by Pierre Fernbach
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[so3] fix XML serialization tag

parent ac1bd01d
......@@ -150,8 +150,8 @@ struct SO3Linear : public curve_abc<Time, Numeric, Safe, Eigen::Matrix<Numeric,
ar>> boost::serialization::make_nvp("dim", dim_);
matrix3_t init,end;
ar >> boost::serialization::make_nvp("init_rot", init);
ar >> boost::serialization::make_nvp("end_rot", end);
ar >> boost::serialization::make_nvp("init_rotation", init);
ar >> boost::serialization::make_nvp("end_rotation", end);
init_rot_ = quaternion_t(init);
end_rot_ = quaternion_t(end);
ar >> boost::serialization::make_nvp("angular_vel", angular_vel_);
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