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add operator == in SO3Linear

parent 502d6cd8
......@@ -107,6 +107,42 @@ struct SO3Linear : public curve_abc<Time, Numeric, Safe, Eigen::Matrix<Numeric,
/// \return \f$x(t)\f$ point corresponding on spline at time t.
virtual matrix3_t operator()(const time_t t) const { return computeAsQuaternion(t).toRotationMatrix(); }
* @brief isApprox check if other and *this are equals, given a precision treshold.
* This test is done by discretizing, it should be re-implemented in the child class to check exactly
* all the members.
* @param other the other curve to check
* @param order the order up to which the derivatives of the curves are checked for equality
* @param prec the precision treshold, default Eigen::NumTraits<Numeric>::dummy_precision()
* @return true is the two curves are approximately equals
virtual bool isApprox(const SO3Linear_t& other, const Numeric prec = Eigen::NumTraits<Numeric>::dummy_precision(),const size_t order = 5) const{
//std::cout<<"is approx in SO3 called."<<std::endl;
(void)order; // silent warning, order is not used in this class.
return T_min_ == other.min()
&& T_max_ == other.max()
&& dim_ == other.dim()
&& init_rot_.isApprox(other.init_rot_,prec)
&& end_rot_.isApprox(other.end_rot_,prec);
virtual bool operator==(const SO3Linear_t& other) const {
return isApprox(other);
virtual bool operator!=(const SO3Linear_t& other) const {
return !(*this == other);
virtual bool operator==(const curve_abc_t& other) const {
return curve_abc_t::isApprox(other);
virtual bool operator!=(const curve_abc_t& other) const {
return !curve_abc_t::isApprox(other);
/// \brief Evaluation of the derivative of order N of spline at time t.
/// \param t : the time when to evaluate the spline.
/// \param order : order of derivative.
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