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python/transform: add copy constructor

parent c68543fd
// //
// Software License Agreement (BSD License) // Software License Agreement (BSD License)
// //
// Copyright (c) 2019 CNRS-LAAS // Copyright (c) 2019 CNRS-LAAS INRIA
// Author: Joseph Mirabel // Author: Joseph Mirabel
// All rights reserved. // All rights reserved.
// //
...@@ -69,12 +69,13 @@ void exposeMaths () ...@@ -69,12 +69,13 @@ void exposeMaths ()
if(!eigenpy::register_symbolic_link_to_registered_type<Eigen::AngleAxisd>()) if(!eigenpy::register_symbolic_link_to_registered_type<Eigen::AngleAxisd>())
eigenpy::exposeAngleAxis(); eigenpy::exposeAngleAxis();
class_ <Transform3f> ("Transform3f", init<>()) class_ <Transform3f> ("Transform3f", init<>("Default constructor."))
.def (init<Matrix3f, Vec3f>()) .def (init<Matrix3f, Vec3f>())
.def (init<Quaternion3f, Vec3f>()) .def (init<Quaternion3f, Vec3f>())
.def (init<Matrix3f>()) .def (init<Matrix3f>())
.def (init<Quaternion3f>()) .def (init<Quaternion3f>())
.def (init<Vec3f>()) .def (init<Vec3f>())
.def (init<Transform3f>(args("self","other"),"Copy constructor."))
.def ("getQuatRotation", &Transform3f::getQuatRotation) .def ("getQuatRotation", &Transform3f::getQuatRotation)
.def ("getTranslation", &Transform3f::getTranslation, return_value_policy<copy_const_reference>()) .def ("getTranslation", &Transform3f::getTranslation, return_value_policy<copy_const_reference>())
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