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## FCL -- The Flexible Collision Library
HPP-FCL — An extension of the Flexible Collision Library
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This project is a fork from
The main differences are.
This project is initially a fork from and has evolved since then.
The main new features are:
- the use of a safety margin when detecting collision,
- the computation of a lower bound of the distance between two objects when collision checking is performed and no collision is found.
- the implementation of Python bindings for easy code prototyping.
- the fix of various bugs.
This project is now used in many robotics frameworks such as [Pinocchio](, an open-source software which implements efficient and versatile rigid body dynamics algorithms and the [Humanoid Path Planner](, an open-source software for Motion and Manipulation Planning.
## Acknowledgments
The development of **HPP-FCL** is actively supported by the [Gepetto team]( [@LAAS-CNRS](
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