Commit 8e344281 authored by jcarpent's avatar jcarpent
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[CMake] Add missing linkage

parent 8c9b6425
......@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ add_fcl_test(test_fcl_capsule_box_2 test_fcl_capsule_box_2.cpp test_fcl_utility.
add_fcl_test(test_fcl_bvh_models test_fcl_bvh_models.cpp test_fcl_utility.cpp)
add_fcl_test(test_fcl_profiling test_fcl_profiling.cpp test_fcl_utility.cpp)
PKG_CONFIG_USE_DEPENDENCY(test_fcl_profiling assimp)
add_fcl_test(test_fcl_octomap test_fcl_octomap.cpp test_fcl_utility.cpp)
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