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test/capsule: test if capsule and shpere provides same results

parent c68543fd
......@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@
#include <cmath>
#include <iostream>
#include <hpp/fcl/distance.h>
#include <hpp/fcl/collision.h>
#include <hpp/fcl/math/transform.h>
#include <hpp/fcl/collision.h>
#include <hpp/fcl/collision_object.h>
......@@ -55,6 +56,49 @@
using namespace hpp::fcl;
typedef boost::shared_ptr <CollisionGeometry> CollisionGeometryPtr_t;
const double radius = 1.;
CollisionGeometryPtr_t c1 (new Capsule (radius, 0.));
CollisionGeometryPtr_t c2 (new Capsule (radius, 0.));
CollisionGeometryPtr_t s1 (new Sphere (radius));
CollisionGeometryPtr_t s2 (new Sphere (radius));
int num_tests = 1e6;
Transform3f tf1;
Transform3f tf2;
for(int i = 0; i < num_tests; ++i)
Eigen::Vector3d p1 = Eigen::Vector3d::Random()*(2.*radius);
Eigen::Vector3d p2 = Eigen::Vector3d::Random()*(2.*radius);
Eigen::Matrix3d rot1 = Eigen::Quaterniond::UnitRandom().toRotationMatrix();
Eigen::Matrix3d rot2 = Eigen::Quaterniond::UnitRandom().toRotationMatrix();
tf1.setTranslation(p1); tf1.setRotation(rot1);
tf2.setTranslation(p2); tf2.setRotation(rot2);
CollisionObject capsule_o1 (c1, tf1);
CollisionObject capsule_o2 (c2, tf2);
CollisionObject sphere_o1 (s1, tf1);
CollisionObject sphere_o2 (s2, tf2);
// Enable computation of nearest points
CollisionRequest collisionRequest;
CollisionResult capsule_collisionResult, sphere_collisionResult;
size_t sphere_num_collisions = collide(&sphere_o1, &sphere_o2, collisionRequest, sphere_collisionResult);
size_t capsule_num_collisions = collide(&capsule_o1, &capsule_o2, collisionRequest, capsule_collisionResult);
BOOST_CHECK(sphere_num_collisions == capsule_num_collisions);
CollisionGeometryPtr_t s1 (new Capsule (5, 10));
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