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Fix installation of submodule "scripts"

	* .gitmodules,
parent 59e9b83f
[submodule "scripts"]
path = scripts
url = ../../robots/scripts
url = git-laas:robots/scripts
[submodule "build-aux"]
path = build-aux
url = roboptim:build-aux.git
......@@ -12,3 +12,14 @@ cd build
make install
If you install from git, you need to access two submodules. To do so, add the
following lines in your ~/.gitconfig:
[url "git://"
insteadOf = roboptim:
[url "ssh://[softs|git]"]
insteadOf = git-laas:
where [softs|git] means
- git if you are an external user,
- softs if you are a member of CNRS-LAAS.
......@@ -11,20 +11,12 @@ It includes:
Item 3 implies that this documentation depends on all the documented packages.
To make possible the installation of this documentation without primarily
installing all the necessary packages, all the dependencies have been
commented out in the file:
dnl if PKG_CHECK_MODULES(XXX, xxx); then
dnl XXX_PREFIX=`$PKG_CONFIG xxx --variable=prefix`
dnl fi
made optional in the file:
It is recommended to do the following operations:
1. install documentation as such (see INSTALL)
2. install HPP packages you need (Related Pages->How to install HPP)
3. uncomment in the packages you have installed and of
which you want to access the documentation (remove dnl
at the beginning of the selected lines
4. reinstall the documentation.
4. reinstall the documentation: (configure, make install).
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