Commit 53e1e04d authored by Joseph Mirabel's avatar Joseph Mirabel Committed by Joseph Mirabel
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Do not save temporary files in eigen3.checkout

parent 7dc6ed30
......@@ -245,10 +245,8 @@ eigen3.checkout:
if [ -d $(@:.checkout=) ]; then \
echo "$(@:.checkout=) already checkout out."; \
else \
wget -O eigen3.tar.bz2 \;\
cd ${SRC_DIR}; bunzip2 eigen3.tar.bz2; tar xvf eigen3.tar;\
rm -f eigen3.tar; mv eigen-eigen-10219c95fe65 eigen3;\
wget -O - "" | tar -xj; \
mv eigen-eigen-10219c95fe65 eigen3;\
eigen3.configure: eigen3.configure.dep
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