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Correction of link to dynamicsJRLJapan.

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4. Correction of link to dynamicsJRLJapan.
3. Added documentation page on development rules.
2. Comment all dependences in in order to be able to install the doc before the other packages.
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ The code relative to the HPP is distributed into several software packages liste
<li><a href="@ABSTRACTROBOTDYNAMICS_PREFIX@/share/doc/abstractRobotDynamics/main.html">abstractRobotDynamics</a>: abstract interface for robot dynamic model</li>
<li><a href="@DYNAMICSJRLJAPAN_PREFIX@/share/doc/jrlCIRdynamicsJRLJapan/main.html">dynamicsJRLJapan</a>: JRL Implementation of robot dynamic model</li>
<li><a href="@DYNAMICSJRLJAPAN_PREFIX@/share/doc/dynamicsJRLJapan/main.html">dynamicsJRLJapan</a>: JRL Implementation of robot dynamic model</li>
<li><a href="@WALKGENJRL_PREFIX@/share/doc/walkGenJRL/main.html">walkGenJRL</a>: JRL Walk Pattern Generator</li>
<li><a href="@ABSTRACTGIKTASK_PREFIX@/share/doc/abstractGikTask/main.html">abstractGikTask</a>: Abstract interface for whole body motion planning.</li>
<li><a href="@HPPGIK_PREFIX@/share/doc/hppGik/main.html">hppGik</a>: Implementation of whole body motion planning.</li>
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