Commit 1ddd1ec1 authored by Galo Maldonado's avatar Galo Maldonado
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show joint frames

parent f3ecb732
import sys
import subprocess
import time
#from ospi
import viewer_utils as vw
import wrapper as wr
import motion_parser as mtp
......@@ -11,6 +15,13 @@ filename='/local/gmaldona/devel/Models/data/whole_body/wholebody.osim'
# Create a wrapper specific to the whole-body model
# The wrapper parse the OpenSim model and builds pinocchio model and data
wb_model = wr.Wrapper(filename, mesh_path, name='whole-body_model1')
# call the gepetto viewer server
gvs = subprocess.Popen(["./","&"])
print 'Loading the viewer ...'
# Init the viewer and add the model to it
viewer = vw.Viewer('viewer',wb_model)
viewer.setVisibility("/floor", "OFF")
......@@ -18,6 +29,11 @@ viewer.display(wb_model.q0,
# See kinematic ranges of motion
# See markers
# See axis
# parse motion:
time, q, colheaders, qOsim = mtp.parseMotion(wb_model.model, wb_model.joint_transformations, '/home/gmaldona/Dropbox/kv03_filtered_ik.mot','quat')
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