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[Model] Add time derivative quantity of the joint Jacobian J

parent 1d6fe57b
......@@ -83,6 +83,7 @@ namespace se3
.ADD_DATA_PROPERTY(std::vector<int>,parents_fromRow,"First previous non-zero row in M (used in Cholesky)")
.ADD_DATA_PROPERTY_READONLY_BYVALUE(Matrix6x,J,"Jacobian of joint placement")
.ADD_DATA_PROPERTY_READONLY_BYVALUE(Matrix6x,dJ,"Time variation of the Jacobian of joint placement (data.J).")
.ADD_DATA_PROPERTY(container::aligned_vector<SE3>,iMf,"Body placement wrt to algorithm end effector.")
......@@ -456,6 +456,9 @@ namespace se3
/// \note The columns of J corresponds to the basis of the spatial velocities of each joint and expressed at the origin of the inertial frame. In other words, if \f$ v_{J_{i}} = S_{i} \dot{q}_{i}\f$ is the relative velocity of the joint i regarding to its parent, then \f$J = \begin{bmatrix} ^{0}X_{1} S_{1} & \cdots & ^{0}X_{i} S_{i} & \cdots & ^{0}X_{\text{nj}} S_{\text{nj}} \end{bmatrix} \f$. This Jacobian has no special meaning. To get the jacobian of a precise joint, you need to call se3::getJacobian
Matrix6x J;
/// \brief Derivative of the Jacobian with respect to the time.
Matrix6x dJ;
/// \brief Vector of joint placements wrt to algorithm end effector.
container::aligned_vector<SE3> iMf;
......@@ -252,6 +252,7 @@ namespace se3
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